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Made by
jeanbaptiste Van den Heede
Madrid, Madrid
by jeanbaptiste Van den Heede


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AILE stool The AILE stool is a unique design inspired by African thrones ASHANTI, limited series, each piece is signed by its author Jean-Baptiste Van den Heede. It is manufactured in plywood molded from cherry, maple, walnut and other woods on demand. An ideal piece of furniture for the foot of the bed, entrance of the house, hotel hall, lobby. bath... An elegant design of high quality. It has two positions according to the taste of each one. He turns around and changes the size of the seat. A: wide seat B: narrow seat


  • Materials
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  • Wood
  • Wood
  • Height: 44 cm,
    Wide: 30 cm,
    Large: 47 cm,
    Weight: 4 kg
  • Style:
    taburete, stool