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Marivijay Muniasamy
Chennai , India View profile


STASET, a multipurpose design for compact living. This Beautiful illusion gives you a perfect place to sit in as a stool, serve things as in a table and store things as in a closet. STASET serves a great place for conversation in a crowded hall or for watching TV. This hallway piece with pentagonal shape gives a revolutionary look for the furniture. The beauty and simplicity of STASET steal anyone's attention and makes your home more welcoming. It can be used as single piece or as three piece to provide an intent look. Also it comes as a different color in which customer can choose contrast to their Home Interiors.


  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Dimensions
  • More information
  • Biodegradable thermoplastics , Plastic and Acrylic
  • Pearl Grey
  • Height: 50 cm,
    Wide: 41 cm,
    Large: 42.5 cm,
    Weight: 2 kg
  • Style:
    shelves, small space, table, stool, homedesigns, design, portable seat, seat, household, interiordesign, productdesign, modern, furniture design