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Hanger Rope

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Juan Antonio Romero Vera
La Unión , La Unión

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Pepe Sanmartín
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Hanger Rope is a wall rack made to represent and adapt to the different ways of living in a home. Its modular nature and the uniqueness of the materials and processes with which it has been manufactured, make each piece unique, generating an emotional link with its user. Each Hanger Rope includes a knob and a rope. Remember to choose the color of your Hanger Rope's knots.


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  • Wood , Textiles
  • Red
  • Height: 50 cm,
    Wide: 6 cm,
    Large: 7 cm,
    Weight: 0.285 kg
  • Style:
    wall, design, minimalist, eco, home, productdesign, perchero, coatrack