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Hidric Natural

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Antonio Pérez Muñoz
Las Palas , Las Palas

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Gerard Arqué
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The 'Hidric' pot is born paying tribute to the famous Marquina cruet maker, a world icon in the world of design, conceived by the renowned designer and architect Rafael Marquina, Hidric' combines a great load of design, with the tradition that insinuates its forms and the originality and dynamism with which the colors of its different versions have been combined to give rise to unique pieces that produce a singular optical effect. It also allows you to choose the version that best suits the style of your home, or to create a fun and multicolored collection of pots. Versatile and capable of adapting to any corner,'Hidric' is a different and distinguished option when it comes to acquiring a pot. Style and history come together in this creation by designer Gerard Arqué.


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  • Ceramic
  • Brown
  • Height: 22 cm,
    Wide: 21.4 cm,
    Large: 21.4 cm,
    Weight: 3 kg
  • Style: