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What to do to manufacture the unique and exclusive designs at Faberin

Are you a local manufacturer, do you have the machinery and talent to produce unique and exclusive designs? Join Faberin's local manufacturing community and generate more revenue by selling on demand, it's free.

Users registered as local manufacturers can manufacture and market designs from designers of products that are part of Faberin such as Juanny Barceló, Pablo Carballal, María Eugenia, David H. del Valle and many more.

Advantages of local manufacturers registered and verified at Faberin.

  • Receive regular news about the latest designs that we receive that will allow you to expand your product offer.

  • Only registered and verified local manufacturers can access the technical data of the designs provided by the designers, which will allow them to calculate the selling price of the right product.

  • Receive requests from interested users of services to be covered.

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Community of local manufacturers in Faberin

At Faberin, the same design can be manufactured by any locally registered and accredited manufacturer. You can consult the list of products that are already being marketed and if you think you can manufacture any of them read on to learn more about what you need to do.

As you register at Faberin you will receive a welcome email explaining the requirements to be accredited as a local manufacturer.

Among other information, we will ask you to send us links to your work, a website if you have it or a professional profile on social networks and if you consider it photographs of your most recent work. In short, everything you think can be useful to us to know your work and be the maximum expression of your talent.

Once your account is verified you will appear in the list of local Faberin manufacturers such as Antonio Perez, Pablo Pastor, Jorge Carril, Jean Bautista and many others.

Want to be the first local manufacturer to manufacture a unique and exclusive design?

In addition to the listed designs you can benefit from the advantages of being the first to sell a design. We advise you to visit the section Se el primero at our magazine website where you can find those designs that don't have yet local manufacturer at this time and we encourage you to calculate its selling price for us to market it.

Register at Faberin

If you have any questions about how to become part of our community of local manufacturers we encourage you to contact us in any of the ways we propose below.

Don't waste time, thousands of customers are waiting for your services, register.

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