Design with us

Designing at Faberin allows you to market your projects worldwide. We want to bring the design to any corner and we intend to do it through the community of local artisans and makers.

At faberin we are convinced of your talent and that´s why we want to get to know you and your work, so we encourage you to send us your projects.

In our pinterest board "Stuff we love" you will find designs that we like and transmit the Faberin style line. Take it as a guide, feel free to send us what you think you would like to see in Faberin.

Submitting a design is one of the most important tasks, so you shall provide all the information required to guarantee its rapid marketing.

Faberin deals with the presentation of your design to guarantee its proper commercialization. Thus, we request that the information provided should be of the highest quality possible, following the instructions bellow.

All projects are currently sent by email, but soon you will be able to do it by creating an account on For this reason, we ask you to follow the instructions bellow to make the process as fast and simple as possible.

We expect unique, original and creative designs to satisfy our customers’ needs, designs that include a good “background story” and corroborating images.

How to upload my design

You can send your design to, including: your project or product name, a brief comment about its story (containing no more than 250 characters), as many photos as considered necessary with a good resolution (a minimum of 3000 pixels in its shortest side) and its category (children, garden…); additionally, we would love you to include information about its process of creation and the materials employed.

Once the design is uploaded, what goes next?

Once you send us the aforementioned information, we will check your photos and documentation, and then we will get in contact with you to inform you about your registration status.

In case everything is correct and you want to market you design on Faberin, you can complete your registration with the documentation (plans for its fabrication) and any other information related to your profit.

In case of doubts, check our FAQ section or contact us sending an email to

We look forward to your projects.